Nancy Brittle


It’s the certain slant of line, depth of color, on forms that often compel Nancy to pull out her brushes and canvas. Certain artists interested in line, pattern, texture, and color such as Degas and Cezanne, Vuillard and Bonnard, Diebenkorn and Milton Avery inspire her now as much as decades ago.
Beginning study with Julien Binford and Dorothy Van Winckel at the University of Mary Washington, Nancy, a lifelong student, has continued over the years to work with various painters in various programs from the artists at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Ecoles de Beaux Arts in Paris, and the Marchutz School in Aix, to Ben Sumerford and Robert D’Arista at American University, and Michael Drought, and Don Crow from Virginia Commonwealth University.
She has taken workshops with Susan Abbott, Lori Putnam, and Anne Blair Brown. In the summer of 2015, Nancy worked alongside 100 other artist in Plein Air Magazine’s week long Adirondack painting adventure. In February 2016 she worked as a painter in residence at the Anne Marie Sculpture and Art Center. In the summer of 2017, she was awarded an Honorable Mention by Valerie Craig in Floyd’s Plein Air Event.