Classes with Elena Broach

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Elena has a degree in Architecture and extensive experience in drawing and painting. Before coming to America, Elena was an educator of art and design at a university in Russia. 

This class is intended for students ages 10 and up. Ideal participants would be beginning or advancing students that wish to take their art to the next level, high school art students that wish to improve their portfolio for entering fine art programs at a college or university, and homeschooled students as enrichment curriculum. Students will learn to paint or to draw from real life settings or from photographs. The goal for this class is that the student would have a better knowledge and understanding of the elements of visual art like the line, form, shape, value, space, texture, color, and perspective; and applying that knowledge to improve their skills in drawing and painting.

In a painting class, students may choose to study painting in oil, acrylic or watercolor.
In a drawing class, students may choose to study a pencil drawing or colored pencil, pastel or charcoal.
Classes are offered weekly on Monday or Friday at $20/hour . Two hour sessions are normal but longer lessons are available upon request.
More examples of Elena’s work can be viewed on her website,
If interested please email Elena at or call at (540) 642-0267.23