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The gallery offers a wide spectrum of art classes that are fun, challenging and sure to spark your creativity!  All ages and levels welcome!  For more details call the gallery at (540) 371-3900 or check out our Facebook page at


We now have a comfortable new classroom and an exciting array of classes beginning this fall!!

Join local artists Kristi Zerull and Catherine Samples as they lead Brushes, Palettes and Pours, cut loose, get inspired and enjoy creating with your friends!!

Are you an artist looking to work on your figure drawing? We will have a comfortable place to work so get ready to draw or paint from live models.

Ceramic and porcelain painting classes will be starting in the new year along with guest instructors in a variety of mediums.

As always we have out very talented Russian artists teaching one on one or in small group classes!!

Small Group Art Classes

Elena Broach

This class is intended for students that wish to expand and polish their artistic skills with emphasis on realism. The lesson will take an instructional approach in a small group setting. Participants may elect either drawing or painting (watercolor, acrylic or oil). The instructor for this class is Elena Broach, a local artist.
Elena has a degree in Architecture and extensive experience in drawing and painting. Before coming to America, Elena was an educator of art and design at a university in Russia.

Examples of her work can be viewed on her website,

This class in intended for ages 14 and up, exceptions can be made for younger students that demonstrate ability and dedication. The cost for each 90 minute class $25.00 Students will supply their own drawing or painting materials. The class will be every Friday from 4:00-5:30pm if there is at least student. If interested please email me at, [email protected]




1) Drawing Class Taught in the Russian Academic Style

Students will study construction, perspective, light, shadow, value, and composition.

Students will complete one still life drawing in pencil, on paper approximately 18X20 inches.

Class meets 1X week for two months
$40 per class

2) BEST! Portfolio classes for future college students.

20 artworks, drawings, paintings
all Asya’s students accepted by best ART colleges in USA

1 time per week
1 year long
$40 per class

3) Painting for Beginners

Students may use oil, acrylic or watercolor
Students will complete one still life, size 18X20 on canvas or paper

Class meets 1 X week for 1 month
$45 per class

4) Painting Taught in the Russian School Realistic Style

Students may use oil or acrylic
Subject : flowers, animals or still life from photos or real life setting
Student will work on an 18X 20 canvas
2 classes, 6 hours each – $180

5) Impressionist Painting

Students may use oil or acrylic
Subject: flowers, fruit still life or landscape, can be photographs or an outdoor setting
18X29 Canvas or board
1 class, 4 hours – $60 per class

6) I Want to Paint This

Bring in your favorite item, photo painting, or object
Students may use any medium
Any size canvas
Number of classes will be determined by student need.
$100 per day

7) Sketches of Downtown Fredericksburg

Students may use pencil, pen or marker
This class is Plein Aire, working outdoors
Students will learn perspective and composition of a successful sketch
Sketches will be done on paper
Students will complete 1-5 sketches
1 class 4 hours

8)Reflections, Drawing Glass or Metal subject in Russian Realistic Style

Students will use pencil or dry brush oil
Instructors choice of still life
Students will learn how to achieve metal and glass texture and reflection
2 hours – $45 per class
18X20 watercolor paper

9) Portrait of Animal

Farm animals or pets
Students will use oil paints or drawing pencils
Realistic accomplishment
18X20 canvas
4 classes, times to be set by instructor
$ 50 per class

10) Airbrush for Beginners

Students will learn how to use brush and apply textures
Students will work in the abstract style
20X24 board
2 classes, 3 hours each
$50 per class

Porcelain Painting, Russian Traditional School Style

Students may paint a plate, cup and saucer, or porcelain tile suitable for framing
Student may paint flowers, landscape, or portrait
Porcelain paints and all materials provided for this class.
If you purchase your own items there will be a class fee
4 days, 5 hours each class time may vary due to choice of subject
FROM 2018

Unleashed the Creative Genius within

Classes for Beginning Student

Students may use any medium
Canvas can be any size, (20X24 and under)
Class time 2-3 hours

BEST!!!Portfolio For College Bound Students

This class is a 1-2 year program for High School Students
Preparing a portfolio for college admission
Student will complete 20 finished portfolio works
Classes meet 1-2X per week, 2 hours each


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