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"Tori" Catherine Samples Opening reception May 5, 6-9pm Artist Statement for - Birds go about their lives moving so quickly and effortlessly, we rarely get a good look at them, and yet we pass them by every day. Even the chance in which we are given an opportunity to view them in close proximity are always fleeting; brief. Time moves so quickly between us and them. I have always been fascinated by anatomy and movement of birds, and I often find myself longing for infinite time to examine the beauty and grace that they go about their lives so utterly un aware of. I have attempted in this showcase to capture in detail a moment in the every day life of Japanese birds. Through the rigorous study of a bird’s anatomy and in this case, a focus on Japanese varieties and species, I attempt to share with the viewer glimpses into a singular moment of flight, tension, or short lived stillness with the subjects. The beauty of the “Tori". The works in this show are in a variety of mediums including Dip pen, ink, watercolor, oil, and silver leaf. Cat Bird imagies
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In 2009, the Backdoor Gallery was started by artist Carolyn Bookout in a small, back-room area on Plank Road to showcase the work of local peers and University of Mary Washington art students.  Since then, the little space has expanded and moved it’s location to downtown Fredericksburg.  The Backdoor Gallery is a welcoming gift shop with a varied and expanding inventory of locally made, handmade and a few select manufactured items. In our continuing effort to support the Fredericksburg community of artists and artisans in their pursuit of creativity, the gallery premiers a new art exhibit as part of each months First Friday Celebration.  

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Come and see our wonderful pottery by Daniel Christie,  colorful artwork, blown glass oil bottles, glass pen holders and business card holders, purses, scarves and more.


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